Lighting Engineering & Solutions


Lighting Engineering & Solutions sells solar panels to the residents of rural areas where electrification rates are especially low. The company aims to provide customers with electricity with low negative impact to the environment. Not only providing good quality products in affordable prices, the company actively recruits from local residents to be employed as sales and maintenance agents, thus showing commitment to solve labor problems.


Since the company’s establishment in 2009, many other solar panel companies have appeared as competitors, but few companies take on the whole process from the installation after sales to the maintenance, which has resulted in the unusual increase in the numbers of contracts.


After graduating from the university, the entrepreneur gained experiences in NGOs, marketing in multiple companies, and as a manager of the Cambodian office, a Singaporean business. From his main office in Phnom Penh, he manages 300 local employees in seven provinces (entrepreneurs = individually contracted sales agents) who perform sales and installation.


Social Business

Lighting Engineering & Solutions strives to provide environmentally low impact and affordable electricity generators for the areas with no electricity.
Instead of the company selling products directly, it recruits sales agents from local residents in the rural areas where the customers live. As a result, the company contributes to the expansion of employment opportunities and the sense of independence.


Solar panels are sold in installments, and such business schemes require periodical collection. The agents use the occasion as an opportunity to perform maintenance and after-service, which enables the company to keep lasting relationship with their customers.



Company Information

Company Name Lighting Engineering & Solutions
Business Sales of Solar Panels