Frangipani Villa Hotels



Frangipani provides a comfortable and unique staying experience in the middle-range hotels in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. One of the members of the executive team who is an architect designed and planned the hotels and achieved a scenic building with a comfortable and reasonably priced stay.



Frangipani has opened four hotels in Phnom Penh and three in Siem Reap since its establishment in 2007. Another hotel is planned to open in Phnom Penh in 2013.


The executive team is three Cambodian entrepreneurs who are varied and capable in their skills. They include an architect, a development consultant /ex-UN officer and a former Economics and Public Policy lecturer at the University of Pannasatra. They run Frangipani using each person’s expertise. They actively participate in the lectures and seminars for local entrepreneurs and support development of youth entrepreneurship to build successful social venture cases in Cambodia.



Social Meaning of the Business



Frangipani declares anti-sex tourism and consideration for the environmental impact, using clean energy and reducing burden to the resources.


Frangipani works with International NGOs and contributes to the training of social disadvantaged and youth by actively hiring handicapped individuals, people from single-mother homes, as well as those who are from poor rural areas. For enhancement of the local industry, Frangipani collaborates with the local carpenters to make all interior equipment that the hotel uses.


Further more, Frangipani has been supporting an orphanage as a charitable activity, helping sales of the handicrafts created by the children and donating activity funds and bicycles.



Company Information

Name:​​ Frangipani Villa Hotels

Business:​ Hotel Management