Social Enterprises in which ARUN Invests


Currently, ARUN invests in six social enterprises in Cambodia.


Sahakreas CEDAC

Sahakreas CEDAC operates a distribution project of agricultural products which 100,000 Cambodian small farmers produced using ecological farming techniques.


Arjuni International, Ltd.

Arjuni International helps the independence of the Cambodian women who are in a weaker position in the society, by creating employment for the hair extension production and online sales.



Perfexcom provides training opportunities and schooling and employment assistance for students from the rural areas through a job placement project in the IT field.


Frangipani Villa Hotels

Frangipani Villa promotes eco-tourism through the management of mid-range priced boutique hotels, and through the active employment of the people with handicaps, from the single mother household, and from the poor rural areas. It contributes to the empowerment of socially disadvantaged population and youth.

iKure Techsoft


Using Information Technology, iKure Techsoft provides primary medical care services to the areas without doctors in India. It’s innovative and practical application of technology and medical technology is getting attention from both domestic and international institutions.


Lighting Engineering & Solutions


Lighting Engineering & Solutions engages in the sales of solar panels in the rural area in Cambodia with low electrification to improve environmental problems, while solving labor problems by employing local residents for sales and maintenance staff.