ARUN Newsletter No. 16 July 2012


In our Newsletter, we explain ARUN’s activities and social investment.

Our readers’ interests vary: some are interested in social investment, while others are interested in Cambodia. Let’s think together about the social investment and its future!


JULY 2012 ARUN Newsletter


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<1> Forward by Satoko Kono, President

<2> Partner’s Essay

Traveling Cambodia Solo – Recognizing ARUN’s importance

by Tetsuya Nomoto

<3> Event Schedule

<4> Afterword


<1> Forward by Satoko Kono


Thank you for your continual support for ARUN.


ARUN is a Limited Liability Company, currently with 81 individuals

and corporate partners.

We support social enterprises in Cambodia through investment, while aiming to

build a global social investment platform from Japan.


ARUN is holding a special seminar tomorrow, Tuesday, July 10th, entitled “What is Social Investment?” with Mr. Daisuke Iwase. Mr. Daisuke Iwase is a vice president of Lifenet Life Insurance Company which went public on the Tosho MOTHERS last March. Many of you may know him and his casual and empathetic personality through media coverage and his book. Mr. Iwase supports the mission of social investment and has participated in ARUN’s project, and agreed to give us a lecture at the ARUN Seminar.

Social Investment is still a new concept in Japan, but in the development countries, various new activities have started. Through dialogues with Mr. Iwase, we hope that you can experience the attraction and possibilities of social investment. We will touch on the movements at the frontline. Only a few seats left, but please register and join us if you are interested.


This fall, ARUN is going to hold an International Symposium on Social Investment on Saturday, October 6th and Sunday, October 7th. We are planning to invite leading social investment organizations and entrepreneurs abroad. Stay tuned for more announcements!


We appreciate your continuous support.


Satoko Kono


<2> Partner’s Essay

Traveling Cambodia Solo, Recognizing ARUN’s Importance by Tetsuya Nomoto


I had an opportunity to travel to Cambodia recently during the extended vacation time.

The reason for my visit is that I couldn’t feel the realness of ARUN’s activities since I joined ARUN. Without finance as a weapon and little knowledge about development, ARUN’s activities are nothing but a product of imagination. It was fun to imagine, but to be honest, I found myself a little at a loss from time to time.


(Continues here :


<3> Events Schedule


ARUN LAB will host an International Symposium on October 6th and 7th (More information on next issue).


●  Tuesday, July 10th : ARUN International Symposium Pre-event No.2

ARUN Special Seminar “What is Social Investment?”

Guest Speaker: Mr. Daisuke Iwase (Lifenet Life Insurance Company Vice-president)

Time : 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm* (7:00 pm Registration) *Includes reception.

Location : Chiyoda Platform Square 1st Floor, Deli Cafe

3-21 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Mr. Iwase, who is also an ARUN partner, will give the lecture. The fee is only 3,000 yen including the reception. Please register following the link below. ↓



● Monday – Sunday, August 6th – 12th ARUN LAB Business Competition


Students from Cambodia and Japan are going to corroborate and try to solve social problems such as poverty and unemployment through ideas again this year in a business competition in Cambodia. This year, students from Myanmar will participate as well. Presentation will be held on Sunday, August 12th at Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center, Phnom Penh, and the winner team will be decided. (Please see our homepage for more details.)


● Saturday, October 6th – Sunday, October 7th ARUN International Symposium


We are inviting leading social investment organizations abroad and social entrepreneurs in developing countries, such as Acumen Fund and Oikocredit, and will learn about the activities and challenges on the frontline. (We will post more details and registration soon on our web page.)



<4> Afterword


I went to shareholders’ meetings for Sharp and Panasonic in Osaka. Both are traditional companies that recorded the worst deficits last year. I was expecting the meetings to be stormy, but they ended within two hours. Of course, there was a man yelling “return to Konosuke Matsushita’s spirit!”, but others seemed philosophical about the limited roles that the investors can play.

ARUN started a weekly investment committee in which any partner can participate, hoping to do a little more for the invested businesses. How does this simple effort bear a fruit? Stay tuned.


Issued by: ARUN LLC.

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