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Thank you for your continual support for ARUN.

ARUN strives to build a social investment platform that originates in Japan.

Today, I would like to introduce you to Janice, an entrepreneur who built a company in Cambodia (Arjuni) that manufactures and sells hair extensions. I am impressed how she is always ready for action, and never gives up. She is also very intuitive, and her personality is reflected in her products and the way she conducts her work.


Arjuni makes hair extension products with the carefully hand-crafted hair of Cambodian women, and exports them to North America. In order to maintain high quality in a streamlined production, the first step of buying hair is extremely important. The process involves visiting the rural Cambodian villages, explaining to the potential hair donors and making an agreement, assessing the quality and volume (there are strict and detailed criterias such as no perm or chemically treated hair, naturally curly or straight, how much volume, etc.), making payments, and delivering the hair to Arjuni. There are many important steps besides the hair cutting technique.


Janice is currently working on the collaboration with Ministry of Women’s Affairs of Cambodia in this process. I attended a study group that was held in the suburban village in Phnom Penh, which is the first step of the process. Women gathered in a corner of the village and were serious but also having fun attending lectures and practicing with manikin heads. Especially the skill test of preparing for a haircut in a given time was received with such enthusiasm. They learn about a system in which the payment corresponds to accurate assessment of the hair quality. Such practical learning will be very useful as a foundation of business.


Janice is conducting each activity in tandem with the ministers of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs through periodical meetings and information sharing. I am impressed with her careful work based on the respects for Cambodians. Currently, Arjuni products are mainly exported to North America, and are well received as high-end merchandise. We are exploring the possibility of the sales in Japan. If you are interested in Janice’s story and her products, please let us know.

Next month, we are conducting a study tour where you can attend Sankalp, the largest entrepreneurship event in Asia, and visit local social entrepreneurs including ARUN’s investees. We are also planning a tour reporting event afterwards. Stay tuned!


Satoko Kono

<2>Book Review: Future Predictions That Broaden Your View

2052 Kongo 40nen no Grobaru Yoso

(2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years)

by Jorgen Randers, Translated by Kyoko Nonaka

Tsukasa Mizuno, ARUN Partner

In Social Investment, it is important to clarify what is the social problem that needs to be solved. This book offers many clues for possible social problems on the global scale, and helps us broaden our perspective.

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Part-time and Intern Positions to Assist  ARUN’s 2nd Phase

ARUN celebrated its fifth anniversary last year, since its 2009 establishment to practice social investment. We are moving on to the second phase with new ideas and practices. We are looking for teammates in a part-time and an internship position to carry on our mission.

Social Investment School Opens!

Instead of the past three-day Social Investment School on weekdays, we are opening a class on Saturday, March 28th. If you are one of the many who could not participate before because of your schedule, here is an opportunity to study social investment in one day! We look forward to your participation.

<4>Editor’s Note

March is upon us. In Japan, it is a graduation season. No matter how old we are, it is a season for us to end one chapter and start another. ARUN has completed the first five years, and is ready for the new challenges. We are excited to add some new members who will support our activities and carry on.


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