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Thank you for your continual support for ARUN.

ARUN strives to build a social investment platform that originates in Japan.


ARUN’s Social Investment School6th Season has ended in success. In the recent Social Business Grand Prix 2015, Mr. Mizuno, ARUN partner and graduate of the Social Investment School 4th Season, received the Public Recognition Award for his social investment business plan. I was assured that many people are convinced that “creating a system that connects those who want to start projects to improve the society and those who want to support it, in order to generate both profit and happiness” is important. We are going to hold a one-day Social Investment School Seminar on a weekend in March. If you have a schedule conflict on weekdays, please take this opportunity.


We are working on the impact report to analyze the impact that the social businesses in Cambodia and India, that receive investments from Japan, generate. In addition to the creation of employment in rural areas and women’s empowerment, these businesses are contributing to the improvement of problems such as poverty and environment by collaborating with local people in each stages of production such as materials procurement, manufacturing, processing, distribution and sales.


For example, an agriculture business in Cambodia collaborates closely with the small scale farmers’ association and its members. The entrepreneur who had worked with small scale farmers for twenty years providing support for technology training and establishment of cooperative started a business so that the cooperative can grow and become independent. The system enables the farmers to participate in the entire process of operation from the collection of produce such as rice, vegetables and meat to the distribution and import, making it possible to add value to the sales. We can see the successful outcome in the import of organic rice and honey, which reach consumers in Japan and around the world.


The wild honey from Cambodia has been receiving many positive reviews. Users have told us; “I am enjoying the fragrance and taste.” “It tasted great! Most honey crystallizes in the cold weather, but CEDAC’s honey doesn’t, and it’s perfect for the winter.” The precious honey which the local honey hunters climbed up the trees and collected in the Cambodian forests, are sold for the limited time by Yamada Bee Farm. I hope you have a chance to try it for yourself!


If you want to see social investment in action and meet the entrepreneurs in person, we have trips scheduled to Cambodia in March and to India in April. In April, we are planning a dual purpose study tour to participate in the Sankalp Forum, the largest social entrepreneur event in Asia, and to visit local social entrepreneurs. Please stay tuned for more events coming up!

Satoko Kono


An Appearance in Osaka YMCA February Newsletter Special Edition!

Satoko Kono, ARUN president was featured on the first page of Osaka YMCA February Newsletter Special Edition.

 -Creating A New Relationship Beyond Aid -

“Social Investment.”  Ms. Satoko Kono is the first person who started this unfamiliar concept in Japan. Based on her experience working with NGO and Official Development Assistance, she found that the answer to create more equal relationships was “social investment.”

Enroll in the Social Investment School!

Many of you told us that the three weekday evening “Social Investment Schools” in the past were difficult to attend because of work schedules. We scheduled one-day school on Saturday, March 28th for you. If you have missed chances to enrol before, please take this opportunity.

<3>Book Review: Put Yourself in Other’s Shoes

How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Koshu Kunii, ARUN Partner
It is no exaggeration to call this book a bible of self-improvement. This book has been read by the business leaders around the world for over 75 years. It may seem like this book has nothing to do with social investment, but the idea of “putting yourself in other’s shoes” corresponds to the way ARUN conducts its activities.

<4>Editor’s Note

February is the month of “Risshun,” the first of the 24 Solar Term in the traditional East Asian Calendar. “Risshun” means “a sign of Spring in the air.”  It’s the time of the year we see many buds coming out. Here at the ARUN office, we had a small change – we switched our seats. Even a small change in the environment gives us a new perspective. ARUN is getting ready for many activities. Watch our little buds bloom!


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