ARUN Newsletter No.43 January 2015



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Happy New Year!

This year, ARUN is celebrating its 5th year of the establishment. We sincerely appreciate your support and encouragement.

Thanks to your support, ARUN finished its financial report for the last year in the black. It was a great joy for us to be able to return your investments for the first time. At Christmas time, we sent investors Cambodian wild honey with spicy and rich fragrance, whose production became reality thanks to JICA, Yamada Bee Farm and many others.

This year will be a new year of fresh challenges. We will renew our commitment to build a social investment platform originating in Japan.

Who will be the social entrepreneurs that continue to charm us?

“We contribute to the peace and development. Contribution means specific actions. Everyone must initiate a specific action. The role of business is important.”

This is a message from a social entrepreneur in Mindanao, The Philippines. The energy of entrepreneurs who strive in the challenging conditions give us courage.

We will be holding the 6th Season of ARUN Social Investment School at the end of this month. It is a great opportunity to learn about current social business trends in Asia and deepen our understanding of social investment. Please participate!

Let’s make this year a great year together!

Satoko Kono


Social “Investment” School 6th Season

Following the previous five successful seasons, we are holding another season of Social “Investment” School. We will share the knowledge that we compiled in the last years through practices. We hope you will take advantage of this one of a kind opportunity. Those who are interested in social investment, please join us! The sessions will start this month (1/28, 2/4 and 2/12).

<3>Series:Partner’s Essay

Partner’s Essay  “On the Road : Cambodia”

by Shinya Hanaoka
There is a national highway that cuts across Cambodia from east to the west. Situating capital Phnom Penh in the middle, Highway 1 goes to the east to the border with Vietnam, and Highway 5 stretches to the west to the border with Thailand. It is the major highway in Cambodia,  also named as Asian Highway 1, which continues from Tokyo to Istanbul.

<4>Editor’s Note

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? As we say “the plan for the whole year needs to be made on New Year’s Day.” I made a plan for the coming year. If we can maintain the freshness of New Year’s Day, we will see a good outcome in December. It is also a year for ARUN to show new growth. We appreciate your continual support and encouragement as we progress.


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