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Thank you for your continual support for ARUN.
We are working to build a global social investment platform originating in Japan.
I recently visited a social entrepreneur in Gujarat State in India that organizes a recycling business. In India, garbage collection from offices, homes and streets are mainly done by the homeless people, but their payments were often cheated and garbage was thrown everywhere.
A graduate from London’s business school who is from the area decided to start up a business with his friends. Despite the criticism that says it is impossible to run a business with people living in poverty and garbage picking, they organized close to 1,000 people living in poverty, and created a system to collect garbage that is separated by plastic, paper and metal and sell it to the recycle business.
Furthermore, they are developing a new system using smart phones to keep track of the recycling in real time.
We are also excited to let you know about the opening of the social investment seminar for businesses where you can learn more about the great opportunities to invest in such social entrepreneurship.
This weekend, ARUN is participating in the Global Festa in the Hibiya Park.(Details
Please come and visit!
Satoko Kono


We Are Participating In the Global Festa!

The Global Festa is one of the biggest international collaboration events. Japan’s ODA (Official Development Assistance) is celebrating its 60 years of assistance for the development countries. We are happy to be participating as ARUN Seed in this anniversary event. It takes place in the Hibiya Park. The admission is free, and we hope many of you who are interested in global collaboration will participate!


ARUN Seed’s booth is Y35, near the main entrance of the Festa in the yellow area.

Social “Investment?” School Season 5 OpensARUN’s Social “Investment?” School is very popular and each season’s seats fill up very quickly. We are going to deliver ARUN’s 5-year accumulation of the knowledge of social investment that you will not find anywhere else. The school will open in the end of October (October 29, November 5, November 12). If you are interested in social investment, please join. Details will follow shortly.

International Symposium Coming Back This Year!

ARUN will hold The 3rd International Symposium on Social Investment again this year, on Saturday, December 6th and Sunday, December 7th. Following last year’s successful symposium, we will have international guest speakers to offer a better understanding of social investment, globally. We are looking forward to your participation to make social investment activities in Japan dynamic. Please stay tuned for more details.

<3>Series: Partner’s Esssay

Comfortable Society

Daisuke Shimoda, ARUN Partner

Well, what should I write? Writing whatever I want for other people to see may be the first time since my elementary school free essay. It seems that I can write anything at all, unrelated to ARUN, but it would be a little embarrassing if I just write about my favorite sweets. I will write about something I thought of during my business trip to Vietnam, on the comfort of a society.

<4>Editor’s Note

We have just finished our office meeting in drizzling Tokyo. I am sitting in front of my PC, writing this newsletter. Our meeting today was on this weekend’s Global Festa, Seminar for the corporations, and the symposium. ARUN has a lot of events coming up, accelerating towards next year. I am looking forward to meeting many of you in those events!


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