Newsletter No. 39 August 2014


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Thank you for your continual support for ARUN.

ARUN is a Limited Liability Company with 107 investors (private and incorporated).
We support social enterprises in Cambodia through investments, while aiming to build a social investment platform originating in Japan.

Last month, I attended the board meeting of iKure Techsoft, an investee of ARUN in India. The board meeting is held once every three months in the Kolkata`s main office. In the last meeting, attendees participated from Mumbai, Silicon Valley, and Tokyo through Skype.

iKure is a venture business which provides primary medical care to the population in India that cannot go to hospitals and clinics through the cutting edge technology. So far, it has established 28 clinics in the rural areas of West Bengal, while increasing its services through the introduction mobile clinic and the collaboration with other microfinance institutions. The enthusiastic stockholders continued their discussion beyond the allocated time. Together with such talented stockholders, ARUN is also committed to support iKure`s growth.

In the Tokyo office, we have two announcements. One is that we have a few openings for temporary positions. The other is that we are going to hold season four of the Social Investment School. Please see the details below if you are interested.。We are looking forward to your participation!

Satoko Kono


[Hiring Part-time Staff]

We are fortunate to have frequent inquiries for part-time positions. We have not hired in the Tokyo office for a while, but here is the opportunity. If you are interested, please fill out the form.

Please continue HERE for the details.

[Social Investment School]This is an opportunity to understand social investment. The past three classes filled up quickly. The details of the August series is as follows. Please sign up promptly!

<3>Series:Partner`s Essay

Challenges of Agricultural Entrepreneurs`s in Ghana

by Tsutomu Nishimura, ARUN Partner

As it is true for other African countries, Ghana`s agriculture sector is the main industry that accounts for 30% of their GDP. Ghanaian government places agriculture as the prioritized area for development as the agriculture scores high for creating employment opportunities, providing food security and the source of foreign currency revenue. Local agricultural entrepreneurs and farm owners, however, express in unison that …

Continues HERE

Multi-Purpose Cloths from Cambodia, Krama and I

by Chie Suzuki, ARUN Partner

I am always happy to see a person who is wearing his/her traditional clothes, because I feel the pride toward his or her culture and the way of life. Traveling to places such as Taiwan, Bhutan, Indonesia and remote islands of Okinawa in search of dyeing and weaving that is rooted in their culture, I was inspired to wear my own traditional clothes from Japan.

<4>Series: Book Review

by Shingo Okubo, ARUN Partner
In this series, I have a little different approach; instead of focusing on social investment itself, I chose titles that give insight to the Asian society, in which ARUN mainly invests. It will be useful to know the country and the society in which we invest in order to understand social investment in Asia.

<5>Editor’s Note

The email arrived with a partner`s essay for this newsletter and started with a greeting: “In Ghana, this may be the best season … the refreshing wind passes through the open windows of the hotel room…” In the Tokyo office where I send this greeting, I cannot say the same. Even compared with the office in Cambodia, they seem to be having better climate in Phnom Penh. The extreme hot days are still with us. Please take care of yourselves and stay cool!

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