ARUN Newsletter No.37 July 2014


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<1> Foreword 

<2>Seiichiro Yonekura “Social Investment Viewed From the Social Business Standpoint” Part 1

<3> Series: Partner’s Essay

<4> Series: Book Review

<5> News

<6> Editor’s Note

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Thank you for your continual support for ARUN.
ARUN is a Limited Liability Company with 106 investors (private and incorporated).
We support social enterprises in Cambodia through investments, while aiming to build a social investment platform originating in Japan.

We have a new member, Mr. Pen Timol, as an investment officer in our Cambodia office starting in July.
Timol is a young Cambodian who gained skills in auditing and advisory services in his previous job at PwC.

His dream is to promote Cambodian business activities and contribute to the development of the country. At ARUN, he is excited to use his skills for the small and medium enterprises.

On the first week at ARUN, he was busy getting to know the investee’s business. He visited Sahakreas CEDAC (SKC), a social enterprise promoting organic agriculture in Cambodia, and an agricultural cooperation that sells organic rice to SKC. He observed their rice storage facilities, rice mill, and interviewed members of the agricultural coop, an inventory manager, and an accounting manager. He told me that he could sense the challenges of small and medium enterprises to create systems from scratch with limited personnel and resources.

Timor, with his confidence to talk with the business owners whom he met for the first time, will be working with Ratheany, a business development officer who is a great team-worker and ready to take action. Together, we will further empower the investment activities in Cambodia.

As you may know already, we have established NPO ARUN Seed. ARUN Seed is an organization to promote social investment in Japan. We also engage in resarch and development activities, and capacity building of youth. Our goal is to create a community of 100,000 people in Japan that will generate a new flow of social money through social investment.

We hosted a seminar to celebrate its establishment on Tuesday, July 15th.

With Seiichio Yonekura from the Hitotsubashi Innovation Research Center and other wonderful guests, we are going to explore the new trends in CSR as well as an ideal relationship between social contribution and social investment.(Please see the details below.)Thank you for your coorporation!

Satoko Kono

<2>Special Post

“Social Investment Viewed from the Social Business Standpoint” Part 1

Seiichiro Yonekura

Every year, ARUN hosts an anniversary symposium celebrating its establishment. At the 3rd Symposium held on February 7, 2013, we received a message from Professor Seiichiro Yonekura, entitled “Social Investment Viewed from the Social Business Standpoint.” Because the message has such rich content, with Prof. Yonekura’s permission, we are going to reprint a part of the “treasure.” To understand the whole, the best thing to do is to come to the upcoming ARUN Seed Seminar on July 15th, but in the meantime, we encourage you to read the article.

<3>Series:Partner’s Essay

Fukuoka City and ARUN Play Leading Roles in Creating Support Systems for Innovators

Takanobu Kuroda, ARUN Partner

I feel that Fukuoka City, where I am living, and ARUN, with which I serve as a partner, have something in common. I think that common ground is also shared by the phrase “Cheetah Generation” which I was impressed to have encountered in a book called “Africa Unchained: The Blueprint to Africa’s Future” written by a Ghanaian professor of economics.

<4>Series: Book Review

Kitaru Ueda, ARUN Partner
ARUN supports entrepreneurs who want to start businesses having a significant social impact in developing countries by helping these businesses grow through “investment,” not through “charity.” Furthermore, ARUN works hard to help solve the social problems of those countries. I found that the author’s claim in this book is in accord with the concept of social investment that ARUN represents.


■ARUN Seed Seminar

The topic of the seminar is: Advancing Globally The New Form of Social Contribution – Changing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Changing National Aid!

━ Details ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

■Date:Tuesday, July 15, 2014
14:30~ Door opens
15:00~16:30 Seminar
16:40~18:00 Networking

■Location:Nippon Foundation Building
(Nearest station:Tokyo Metro Tranomon、Tameike Sanno、Kokkai Gijido Mae)
■Program (Tentative):1)ARUN Seed’s Vision and Plans

            ARUN Seed DirectorSatoko Kono

2)Presentation, Sessions
“New Social Contribution Through Social Investment” (tentative)

Hitotsubashi University Institute of Innovation Research Professor

ARUN Seed Director, Seiichiro Yonekura

“New Trend In CSR And Expectation For Social Investment”

Executive Director of CSO (Civil Society Organization) Network JapanMs. Kaori Kuroda

“Global Trend In Social Finance And Japan”
Assistant Manger and Researcher, Mitsubishi UFJ Research &and Economic and Social Policy DepartmentMs. Eri Mizutani

3)ARUN Seed Activities


- Pre-registration, bank deposit
General 4,000 JPY/Student 2,000 JPY
※Includes food and drink at the networking session.
- At door
General 5,000 JPY/Student 2,500 JPY
※Includes food and drink at the networking session.
■To Register
Please follow the link below by Friday, July 11th and complete the form. We will send you an email with more information including bank deposit.

<6>Editor’s Note

We are giving away tickets for theater showings (in Shibuya, Tokyo) of the Cannes International Film Festival “A Certain Regard” category Grand Pri recepient, “L’Image manquante” (English title:The Missing Picture) by lottery.
In modern Cambodian history, there surely was a period that can only be described as “darkness.”This is a powerful movie that deals with this period sincerely. I saw a comment in a review website that says, “after watching this movie, I felt like I was surrounded by ghosts.” I truly agree because I understand how the viewer felt. I wish such viewers can come to our event, which is organized by an organization named ARUN (means daybreak, or dawn), and feel the vigorous energy of present Cambodia. (Please submit entries for the ticket lottery )We also look forward to your participation in the ARUN Seed Seminar on July 15th!
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