ARUN Newsletter No.31 December 2013


ARUN Newsletter   No.31  2013年12月号


Forward Satoko Kono, President
Series: Social Evaluation
What is the Standard of “Success” in Social Investment and Impact Investment?
: In the light of Increasing Importance of Social Monitoring and Evaluation by Takara Tsuzaki
Partner’s Essay
From Kolkata, Namaste, Namaste : Electric Power Situation in India by Asako Takeda
Activities and News
(1) Investment Information Meeting
(2) ARUN, LLC 4th Anniversary Symposium
Editor’s Note

 <1> Forward Satoko Kono, President

Thank you for your continual support for ARUN.
ARUN is a Limited Liability Company with 95 investors (private and incorporated).
We aim to support social enterprises in developing countries through investments, while building a social investment platform originating in Japan.

The number one topic for 2013 is the expanding connection of “people”. Almost 150 “people” are working for social investment, including ARUN partners (investors), ARUN LAB members, and volunteers. In the Cambodia office, two enthusiastic full-time staff members are working hard to discover potential investments. The Tokyo manager who started in September is energetically working to disseminate information. We now have a new United States office in Washington D.C. and are accelerating our global collaboration.

The second topic is our challenge for equity investment. A year has passed since the symposium at the beginning of the year when Dr. Yonekura advised us to aim for the venture capital model. After meeting with this great venture business person in Mumbai followed by our visits, discussions, emails, and Skype meetings, we finally received the final draft of an investment contract from India this morning! We are excited to introduce to you the details at the 4th Anniversary Symposium early next year. Please also read the Partner’s Essay by one of our partners who live in India.

The third is adding value to the investing entreprises. Importing Cambodian wild honey to Japan became a reality thanks to the cooperation among Japanese expertise such as Yamada Bee Farm, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), and local businesses in which ARUN invests. Honey from the Giant honey bees that live in the woods of Cambodia is harvested by local honey hunters using a traditional technique without pesticides or chemicals. It is a gift from the forest with rich and spicy flavor. It comes in a package designed by a Cambodian designer, and will be an ideal gift for Christmas.

Finally, we are happy to announce our 4th Anniversary Symposium on Tuesday, January 21, 2014. Our guests include Mr. Masataka Uo, President and CEO of Japan Fundraising Association, and Mr. Daisuke Iwase, President, Chief Operating Officer and Representative Director of Lifenet Insurance Company. Interests in social investment is rising, and we would like to design the next 10 years with you. Please participate!

I thank you for your support and cooperation this year, and am looking forward to continuing working together next year.

Satoko Kono

<2> Series: Social Investment Evaluation

What is the Standard of “Success” in Social Investment and Impact Investment?
: In the light of Increasing Importance of Social Monitoring and Evaluation

Tsuzaki Takara, ARUN Partner

ARUN was established in 2009 to practice social investment. From the time of its establishment, ARUN has supported entrepreneurs in developing countries and social businesses in the form of investment, recognizing the importance of both business feasibility and social awareness.

In December, ARUN celebrates its 5th year, advancing to a new stage of its growth. At the same time, the numbers of promoters of social and impact investment has increased, creating a global network of people who share the same goal. In Japan as well, we feel the increased interests in social investment.

We also have been receiving an increasing number of questions such as; “What type of success can you have in social investment?”, “What exactly does ‘social’ mean?”, “Are business feasibility (finance) and social awareness both truly achievable?” and “How do you set monitoring and evaluating standards?”

In order to answer such questions, we would like to start a series on social evaluation in this newsletter, based on ARUN’s experiences.

As the first part of this series, I would like to briefly introduce the concept and background of social investment and impact investment.   <Continue

 <3> Partner’s Essey
From Kolkata, Namaste, Namaste : Electric Power Situation in India

Asako Takeda, ARUN Partner

In July 2011, accompanying my husband’s transfer on the job, I moved to Kolkata from Tokyo where they’re still recovering and dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake which happened two and a half years ago. Kolkata was under the governance of the Communist party for almost forty years (it has changed since 2011, but Communist power is still strong), and as a result, it was left far behind economic development in India. Recently, a small Japanese restaurant opened and is becoming an oasis for 20 or so Japanese business people from Japan who are staying here.<Continue

<4> Activities and News

(1) Investment Information Session
The ARUN Investment Information Session will be held again this month.
We will introduce our investees and activities of our partners, and explain the process for participation in the activities (investment registration, procedure, etc.), as well as the future investments.


Date: Tuesday, December 10th 7 pm – 8:30 pm
Location:Isshin Building 9th Floor, 2-11-7 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Fee: Free
Greeting from the ARUN President and Directors
Introduction to ARUN and activities of investors
Explanation about investment (necessary procedures, investees, etc.)
Questions and Answers
Registration: Please fill out the form HERE, by the day before the session.

(2) ARUN, LLC. 4th Year Anniversary Symposium

“Social Investment; Its Track and Future Possibilities ~ In 2014, Social Investment Will Become ○○~”
ARUN has been able to invest in four social businesses in Cambodia, give practical support, set social investment monitoring standards, and promote social investment through seminars and International symposiums. Our success is due to your continual support and interest in ARUN. To show our appreciation, we will hold our Anniversary Symposium at the beginning of the new year.

For the Symposium on Tuesday, January 21, 2014, our guests will be Mr. Masataka Uo, President of Japan Fundraising Association, and Mr. Daisuke Iwase, President and COO of Lifenet Life Insurance.
Taking advantage of our guests’ vast knowledge and experience, instead of talking specifically about ARUN, we would like to use this opportunity to discuss a big theme; “What kind of society do we want to create, and what do we have to do to achieve it?”
In addition, in order to achieve our goals, ARUN will introduce practical steps for the year 2014 and beyond.
We are looking forward to meeting many of you for this occasion.


Date and Time: Tuesday, January 21, 2014
18:30 (6:30 pm) Registration opens
19:00 ~ 20:45 (7 pm ~ 8:45 pm) Symposium (at Iki Iki Plaza Ichibancho)

Location : Iki Iki Plaza Ichibancho (Use Kojimachi Station or Hanzomon Station on Tokyo Metro Line)
21:00 ~ 22:30 (9 pm ~ 10:30 pm) Reception (Spanish Restaurant, Meson Cervantes)
Fee: 2,000 JPY *Reception not included
Registration: Please register from the following link by Tuesday, January 14, 2014.

<5> Editor’s Note

We are in the process of organizing evaluation methods that are applied separately to each investee into a systematic evaluation index. We will be introducing the process of the research activity in our series “Social Evaluation”.

ARUN Newsletter No.31 December 2013

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