ARUN Newsletter No. 30 November 2013


In this Newsletter, we explain ARUN’s activities and social investment.

We have diverse subscribers; those who are interested in social investment and those who are interested in Cambodia. Together, let’s deepen our understanding of “social investment that bridges developing countries and us!”


ARUN Newsletter No.30 November 2013

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<1> Forward Satoko Kono

<2> Partner’s Essey

(1)The 2nd International Symposium on Social Investment Report and Reflection

Chie Suzuki, Partner

(2)ARUN’s Outrageous Business Model Seen From the Panel Discussions and History of

Finance Shunichi Kozasa, Partner, International Symposium Coordinator

<3> Activities and News

(1) ARUN LLC Investment Information Session

(2) ARUN LAB “Social Business Plan Competition” Presentation

(3) ARUN 4th Anniversary Symposium Date Is Announced!


<4> Afterward



<1> Forward Satoko Kono


Thank you for your continual support for ARUN.

ARUN is a Limited Liability Company with 93 investors (private and incorporated).

We aim to support social enterprises in developing countries through investments,

while building a social investment platform originating in Japan.


Last month, we held the 2nd International Symposium on Social Investment successfully, with over 200 participants. Thank you for your support and participation!

Please enjoy the reports from two of the ARUN partners.

On our homepage, we posted the keynote speech (it was moving!) by the founder of Arjuni, Social Business in Cambodia.

[Keynote Speech Video in 3 parts]


(1 / 3) Social Investment and I

(2 / 3) Cultural Divide and Difficulty of Mutual Understanding

(3 / 3) What is Social Investment?


By popular demand, we are going to have the reporting event of the business competition by the students of ARUN LAB on Thursday, November 28th (please see the details below).


ARUN LAB is preparing for NPO incorporation, and calling for members who want to join in the activities. Please apply.


Last month, we completed the money-lending business registration.  Many social businesses want flexible investments to support the business development at the startup stage. We are now ready to answer such needs of the fields. Consulting with both lawyers from Cambodia and Japan and having many Skype meetings with the local staff, we are moving forward to carry out the investment.


The first investment in India is also at the final due diligence stage. Our Skype meetings connecting Kolkata, Mumbai, Washington D.C. and Tokyo became a regular part of our business day.


ARUN is still small scale, but I feel daily that we are a part of the process to create a new business working with multiple stakeholders such as entrepreneurs, investors, specialists and support organizations. If you are interested in social investment, we are sincerely looking forward to having you on board!


Satoko Kono



<2> Partner’s Essey


(1) “2nd International Symposium on Social Investment” Report and Reflection

Chie Suzuki, Partner


On Saturday October 12th and Sunday the 13th, 2013, the 2nd International Symposium on Social Investment was held in Nihon Zaidan Building. I attended the program as an audience, and am going to report on the first day. <Continues here in Japanese>


(2) ARUN’s Outrageous Business Model Seen From the Panel Discussions and History of Finance Shunichi Ozasa, Partner, International Symposium Coordinator


There is a story of microfinance in India that had been bothering me.  There was a microfinance news story from three years ago that revealed that there are people who commit suicide because they cannot repay the money they borrowed from microfinance.

According to the panelists from India, at the end, the state government intervened and tightened the regulation to solve the problem, and the listed microfinance institution, SKS Microfinance in India can be kept listed.

I want to compare this story with the history of Japanese microfinance, once advanced in microfinance, quickly declined because of the system that allows reimbursement of past overpay. <Continues here in Japanese>


<3> Activities and News


(1) Investment Information Session

The ARUN Investment Information Session will be held again this month.

We will introduce our investees and activities of our partners, and explain the process for participation in the activities (investment registration, procedure, etc.), as well as the future




Dates: Every 2nd Tuesday evening,

Tuesday, November 12th 7 pm – 8:30 pm

Tuesday, December 10th 7 pm – 8:30 pm

* Each session’s contents are the same. Please come to the session that is convenient.

Location: Isshin Building 9th Floor, 2-11-7 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Fee: Free


  • Greeting from the ARUN President and Directors

  • Introduction to ARUN and activities of investors

  • Explanation about investment (necessary procedures, investees, etc.)

  • Questions and Answers

Registration: Please fill out the form HERE by the day before the session.


(2) ARUN LAB Report from The Third Social Business Plan Competition

ARUN LAB organizes a social business plan competition every August in Cambodia. Students from Japan, Cambodia and Myanmar form teams to compete with their social business planning that they present on the final day. At this reporting event, we will share their experiences, and through the workshop, participants will explore the ideas of social investment and business plans in the developing countries.

There will be an informal gathering with dinner after the reporting event. This event is organized by students, but we also encourage participation of those of you who are in the workforce.


Date: Thursday, November 28th 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm (Informal gathering 9:00 pm – )

Location: Chiyoda Platform Square

Registration: Please fill out the forms here:


(3) ARUN 4th Symposium Date Announced!

ARUN will celebrate its 4th year. Every year, we have noteworthy guests, and this time as well, we are planning to bring you a surprise guest. Please mark your calendar.

Date: Tuesday, January 21st 7 pm – 10 pm (includes reception)

Location: Tokyo

Details: Stay tuned!



<4> Afterward


The day after the International Symposium, I accompanied some guests from overseas for a half-day of walking around Tokyo.  We stopped to look at the Tokyo Station where I normally pass by, and contemplated on the history at the ground of Imperial Palace that retains the image of Edo Castle. I had a chance to enjoy Tokyo like a tourist. I would like to thank again the guests who visited from overseas.


ARUN Newsletter No.30 November 2013 Issue


Published by ARUN, LLC.

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