ARUN Newsletter No. 29 October 2013


In this Newsletter, we explain ARUN’s activities and social investment.
We have diverse subscribers; those who are interested in social investment and those who are interested in Cambodia. Together, let’s deepen our understanding of “social investment that bridges developing countries and us!”

ARUN Newsletter   No.29 October 2013
<1> Forward                                                                      Satoko Kono, President
<2> Activities Announcements
(1) International Symposium
(2) Information Session on Social Investment
<3> Report of ARUN Business Competition                                   Mami Shimogori
<4> Coming Soon! A Message from Ms. Janice Wilson
<5> Afterward


<1> Forward                                                                   Satoko Kono, President

Thank you for your continual support for ARUN.
ARUN is a Limited Liability Company with 93 investors (private and incorporated).
We aim to support social enterprises in developing countries through investments,
while building a social investment platform originating in Japan.
On Saturday, October 12 and Sunday, October 13, we are hosting the 2nd International Symposium on Social Investment. Last year’s symposium brought the total of 350 participants and overseas guests exchanged lively discussions on social investment for two days. We are again inviting various players who support social investment and entrepreneurs from around the world (Cambodia, India, Myanmar, the Philippines and the United States).
I will introduce two of our dynamic guests.
First is Ms. Janice Wilson from Cambodia, who is the founder of Arjuni, one of ARUN’s investment portfolio. She is an energetic woman and entrepreneur whose stories appeared in the media recently such as New York Times and BBC News.
Janice was born in the United States. Working as a dancer and choreographer, she graduated from Columbia University School of Law. In the United States, she operates business for the real estate and venture capital, while being the representative of a NPO, having experience in both corporate and not-for-profit organizations.  In February 2009, she opened Arjuni in Siem Reap, Cambodia, a social enterprise that manufactures and retails human hair-extensions.
Many of her Cambodian workers have a painful past as the victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. Those women with few words start to talk while working in Arjuni and become proud of their work.
Janice’s dynamic and sensitive storytelling captures her care for the Cambodian women and is worth
listening to. Please also read her message to aspiring young entrepreneurs at the end of this newsletter.
The second person I’d like to introduce is Mr. Viswanatha Prasad, the founder of Caspian Advisors, a social investment firm in India. The firm manages three Funds that are not yet well known in Japan; Bellwether Microfinance Fund (2005), India Financial Inclusion Fund (2008), and Caspian Impact Investments, CII (2013). Mr. Prasad has over 25 years of experience in the financial services sector, of which the last 15 years have been spent in microfinance in India. His firm stands out in the unique approach to measuring and setting indicators of social impact, taking account of the traditions and customs, as well as the independence of India, while keeping American and European trends under their raider.

Let’s re-examine the meaning of social impact learning from voices of the field.
I sincerely appreciate the sponsorship of Japan Foundation and others.
The Symposium is this weekend, Saturday, October 12th and Sunday the 13th at the Japan Foundation Building in Toranomon, Tokyo.

I am looking forward to meeting you there!
Satoko Koho


<2> Activities and Announcements

(1) International Symposium
As we talked about in the last issue, the International Symposium is just around the corner!  Have you registered?

2nd International Symposium on Social Investment
~Towards the development of an international ecosystem to support social entrepreneurs~
Date: Saturday, October 12 and Sunday, October 13
Location: Nippon Foundation Building (Toranomon, Tokyo)
Note: the event will be held with the support of the Japan Foundation.
Social investment will be at the core of this symposium. Stakeholders and potential stakeholders, including social entrepreneurs, social investment firms and consultancies, from around the world will be invited to discuss the development of a comprehensive and multilayered network – an international ecosystem – to support social entrepreneurs.
The first day of the symposium will consist of presentations by international guests and panel discussions, to be followed the next day by thematic and networking sessions.
■      Time and Date:October, 12, 2013 (Sat.) – October 13, 2013 (Sun.)
October 12, 2013 (Sat.) 13:00〜17:30
12:00 – Registration
18:00 – Reception

October 13, 2013 (Sun.) 13:00〜17:30
12:00 – Registration
■    Location    Nippon Foundation Building (1-2-2 Akasaka, Nihon Zaidan Building,
Minato-ku, Tokyo)
■      Organized by        ARUN LAB

■      Sponsored by        Japan Foundation

■   Supported by        Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan External Trade
Organization, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network, Nippon Foundation, CSR Asia
■     Main Program (tentative)
October 12 (Sat.)  Symposium (simultaneous translation to be provided)
12:00 Doors open
13:00 Welcome – Satoko Kono, President, ARUN LLC
13:15 Keynote Presentation (45 minutes) The Impact of Social Enterprises – the Arjuni case
14:00  Presentation (Part 1): Nurturing and Supporting the Social Entrepreneur
15:40  Presentation (Part 2): The Challenges of Social Investment from Japan (30 minutes)
16:15  Panel Discussion: A New Ecosystem to Support Social Entrepreneurs
18:00 Reception
20:00 End of Reception
October 13 (Sun.)  Thematic Sessions
12:00 Doors open
13:00 Welcome to Thematic Sessions
13:15   Session 1: Social Performance Measurement (simultaneous translation to be provided)
13:15   Special Session: ARUN Social Business Competition (consecutive  translation to be provided)
14:45 Café Session (networking)
15:45 Session 2: Social Entrepreneurs and Investment in Asia
17:30 End of symposium
Please visit here for the complete program.
Note: Program content is subject to change.
■  Registration Fees
Two-day package (includes Reception on Day 1) General: JPY 6,000,
Students, ARUN partners, and ARUN LAB members: JPY 3,000
Day 1 (includes Reception) General: JPY 4,000, Students,
ARUN partners, and ARUN LAB members: JPY 2,000
Day 2 General: JPY 3,000, Students, ARUN partners, and ARUN LAB members: JPY 1,500
■  Registration
Please register through the site below:
2nd International Symposium Registration Form
(2) Investment Information Sessions
ARUN holds investment information sessions every month. At the investment information sessions, we will introduce ARUN’s investees and activities of our partners, and explain the process of investment (how to investment, procedure, etc.), as well as information on the prospective investees.
Dates: Every second Tuesday evening of the month from October through December.
Tuesday, October 8th 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Tuesday, November 12th 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Tuesday, December 10th 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
* Content of each session are the same. Please attend the date that is convenient for you.
Location: 2-11-7 Isshin Building 9F, Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
ARUN Office Location Map
●          Greetings from ARUN President and Director
●          Introduction to ARUN and investors’ activities
●          Information on investing (procedure, prospective investees, etc.)
●          Questions and answers
Fee: Free
Registration: Please use the following online registration form and submit registration by the day before the session.
Information Session Registration Form

<3> What I gained from ARUN Business Competition                 Mami Shimogori

From August 4th to the 11th, I attended a social business competition held in Cambodia.

During the one week program, I visited an agricultural and rural development NGO, CEDAC, Friends International which is producing great results in education, occupational training and employment of street children, and rural villages in Takeo Province.
Each place offered me sceneries that I could not see in my daily life in Japan.
In the villages, we were treated with delicious home cooking. Local activists gave us detailed explanations, so we could learn the structure of social investment.
Continues in Japanese from HERE.

<4> We Will Meet Soon in Japan!  A Message from Janice Wilson

Ms. Janice Wilson, the founder of Arjuni will present a keynote speech at the 2nd International Symposium on Social Investment that is held on Saturday, October 12th and Sunday, the 13th. This is her short message to young people who are thinking of starting a venture business in Japan.
What I really would like to say is: “Just get started.” If your business plan gives a value to the society, the results will follow. From my own experience, I can say that with confidence. There is one thing, however,
that you cannot forget after starting the business, which is to take responsibility as a human being.
Don’t forget to think about what you can contribute to the society. Let’s grow together!
This will be our first opportunity to listen to her live speech in Japan. Please register from here:
<5> Afterward

I met Janice who is going to visit Japan for the first time for the International Symposium,
in her office in Cambodia. The timing was right before Pchum Ben, the major holidays, and Janice and staff were very busy with things that needed to be done before the holidays. With a mountain of work, they looked tired… not! The workplace was full of lively laughter. Janice’s amazing leadership is well known, but I was impressed at the office visit this time by the growth of “Team Arjuni.” Won’t you want to meet Janice in person?
ARUN Newsletter No.29 October 2013
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