October 12-13, 2013 2nd International Symposium on Social Investment ~Towards the development of an international ecosystem to support social entrepreneurs~


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Social entrepreneurs who engage in business to address social issues, and are oftentimes involved in cultural activities and global exchange, are coming to the forefront globally. At the same time, social investment firms that provide investment to such entrepreneurs and consultancies that provide technical and management support are springing up around the world.

A forerunner in the field of social investment in Japan, ARUN LLC has been providing investment to social entrepreneurs in Cambodia and fostering ties with social investment firms and consultancies in Cambodia, India, and the United States.

On October 12 and 13 this year, ARUN will host an international symposium on social investment to deepen its ties with these organizations and to further promote social investment from Japan. Social investment will be at the core of this symposium. Stakeholders and potential stakeholders, including social entrepreneurs, social investment firms and consultancies, from around the world will be invited to discuss the development of a comprehensive and multilayered network – an international ecosystem – to support social entrepreneurs.

The first day of the symposium will consist of presentations by international guests and panel discussions, to be followed the next day by thematic and networking sessions.

We look forward to your participation and to discussing how we can further social investment from Japan.

Note: the event will be held with the support of Japan Foundation.

■      Time and Date:October, 12, 2013 (Sat.) – October 13, 2013 (Sun.)

  • October 12, 2013 (Sat.) 13:00〜17:30
    • 12:00 – Registration
    • 18:00 – Reception
  • October 13, 2013 (Sun.) 13:00〜17:30
    • 12:00 – Registration

Location:Nippon Foundation Building

Please see the following website for a map: Nippon Foundation Map Subway access: Toranomon Station on the Ginza Line, Tameike-sanno Station on the Nanboku Line, Kokkai-gijidomae Station on the Marunouchi and Chiyoda Lines

■      Host: ARUN LAB

ARUN LAB, an affiliate of ARUN, LLC, runs seminars and workshops and conducts research on social investment.

■      Sponsor:Japan Foundation

■      Supported by: Nippon Foundation

■      Program (tentative):

■      October 12 (Sat.)  Symposium (simultaneous translation to be provided)

  • 12:00 Doors open
  • 13:00 Start
  • 13:00 Welcome – Satoko Kono, President, ARUN LLC
  • 13:15 Keynote Presentation (45 minutes)
    • The Impact of Social Enterprises – the Arjuni case
      • Janice Wilson, Founder, Arjuni International Ltd. (Cambodia) Janice Wilson, the founder of Arjuni, a globally renowned ARUN investee, will speak on the impact social enterprises are making in developing countries and the significance of social investment.
        • 14:00  Presentation (Part 1): Nurturing and Supporting the Social Entrepreneur
          • 1) The Support Perspective (20 minutes)
            • Myo Min, President and CEO, PS Business School (Myanmar)
            • 2) From the Front Lines of Social Entrepreneurship (40 minutes)
              • Tes Pilapil, Regional Director, Oikocredit (Philippines)
              • Viswanatha Prasa, Managing Director, Caspian Advisors (India)
              • 3) The Consulting Perspective (20 minutes)
                • Anurag Agrawal, CEO, Intellecap (India)
              • Speakers from PS Business School, a leader in entrepreneur education in Myanmar;  Oikocredit, which invests in social entrepreneurs in India and across Asia; and Intellecap, which provides both investment and consulting services will discuss their experiences educating and supporting social entrepreneurs.
              • 15:20 Break (20 minutes)
              • 15:40  Presentation (Part 2): The Challenges of Social Investment from Japan (30 minutes)
                • Takara Tsuzaki, Partner, ARUN LLC
                • An ARUN partner will speak on ARUN’s experiences providing social investment from Japan over the past three years, and on aspirations for the future.
              • 16:15  Panel Discussion: A New Ecosystem to Support Social Entrepreneurs
                • Moderator: Shunichi Kosasa, Partner, ARUN LLC
                • Panelists:
                  • Myo Min, President and CEO, PS Business School (Myanmar)
                  • Tes Pilapil, Regional Director, Oikocredit (Philippines)
                  • Prasad Viswanatha, Managing Director, Caspian Advisors (India)
                  • Anurag Agrawal, CEO, Intellecap (India)
                  • Satoko Kono, President, ARUN LLP
                • Panelists will draw on the presentations given by various organizations during the first part of the symposium to discuss the development of an international ecosystem to support social entrepreneurs and investigate the potential for collaboration.
              • 17:20 Closing Comments
              • 17:30 End of Day 1
              • 18:00 Reception
                • Informal event for presenters and participants to network while enjoying food and drinks
              • 20:00 End of Reception

              ■  October 13 (Sun.)  Thematic Sessions

              • 12:30 Doors open
              • 13:00 Start
              • 13:00 Welcome to Thematic Sessions
              • 13:15    Session 1: Social Performance Measurement (90 minutes)
                • Moderator: Hiroshi Sato, Partner, ARUN LLC
                • Panelists:
                  • Viswanatha Prasa, Managing Director, Caspian Advisors (India)
                  • Tes Pilapil, Regional Director, Oikocredit (Philippines)
                  • Takara Tsuzaki, Partner, ARUN LLC
                  • Measuring the impact is key to successful social investment. Panelists will draw on the experiences of the Indian social investment firm, Caspian Advisors, to discuss the current state and future of social performance measurement.
                  • 13:15     Special Session: ARUN Social Business Competition (90 minutes)(consecutive  translation to be provided)
                  • Moderator: Riku Harada, Student Member, ARUN LAB
                  • Commentator:
                    • Myo Min, President and CEO, PS Business School (Myanmar)
                    • Janice Wilson, Founder, Arjuni International Ltd. (Cambodia)
                    • ARUN LAB annually holds a Social Business Competition in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The competition is designed to provide participating students the opportunity to identify “social problems faced by Cambodian society”. In this session, social entrepreneurs from Cambodia and participants in this year’s competition will discuss the possibilities and difficulties of running social business in developing countries.
                  • 14:45  Café Session (networking) and Mini Talk Sessions
                    • Panelists:
                      • Satoko Kono, President, ARUN LLC
                      • Daisuke Iwase, President & CEO, Lifenet Insurance Company
                      • The café session will be an opportunity for speakers and participants to network and have impromptu discussions. In addition, there will be a mini talk session by Daisuke Iwase, President & CEO of Lifenet Insurance Company. Expect a surprising perspective on social investment!
                      • 15:45  Session 2: Social Entrepreneurs and Investment in Asia – the future of India, Myanmar and Cambodia (90 minutes)
                        • Moderator: Jin Wakabayashi, Director, Private Sector Partnership Division, Private Sector Partnership and Finance Department, Japan International Cooperation Agency
                        • Panelists:
                          • Anurag Agrawal, CEO, Intellcap (India)
                          • Myo Min, President and CEO, PS Business School (Myanmar)
                          • Janice Wilson, Founder, Arjuni International Ltd. (Cambodia)
                          • Satoko Kono, President, ARUN LLC
                        • Panelists will discuss social entrepreneurship and social investment, which are coming to the forefront in Asia, from the perspective of practitioners, with special attention paid to the characteristics of each county and prospects for the future.
                      • 17:15: Closing
                      • 17:30  End of symposium

            Note: Program content is subject to change. ■  Registration Fees  (Discount for two-day pass)

            • Two-day package (includes Reception on Day 1)
              • General: JPY 6,000
              • Students, ARUN partners, and ARUN LAB members: JPY 3,000
              • Day 1 (includes Reception)
                • General: JPY 4,000
                • Students, ARUN partners, and ARUN LAB members: JPY 2,000
                • Day 2
                  • General: JPY 3,000
                  • Students, ARUN partners, and ARUN LAB members: JPY 1,500

            ■  Registration

            ■  Organizations to be represented at the symposium

            • Arjuni International Ltd. (Cambodia)  https://arjuni.com/ Arjuni International manufactures human hair extensions from hair collected from women in Cambodian villages and processed in a factory in Phnom Penh and sells it  online, primarily to customers in the United States. By cutting out the middleman and managing the entire supply chain from procurement to sales, Arjuni offers high quality products at reasonable prices. Arjuni has attracted attention in the Media, including the New York Times (May 2012), for its effective blend of business and social impact.
            • PS Business School (Myanmar) https://www.facebook.com/PSBusinessSchool A business school established in Myanmar in 2007 and distinguished by its MBA program that emphasizes the development of social businesses. Initiated the Myanmar Social Enterprise Challenge (MSEC), a business plan competition for social businesses in 2013. Instills the concept of the “triple bottom line” among students.
            • Oikocredit (Netherlands, Philippines) http://www.oikocredit.coop/

            Oikocredit is a “social investor and worldwide cooperative” established in Amsterdam in 1974 as an ethical investment channel of the World Council of Churches. Oikocredit provides loans and investments to the microfinance sector, fair trade organizations, and cooperatives in developing economies. Following a presentation by Oikocredeit’s managing director, Mr. Ben Simmes, at the first symposium, Mr. Tes Pilapil, Regional Director for Asia will join us for the second symposium to present his views from on the ground in the Philippines office.

            • Caspian Advisors (India) http://www.caspian.in/ An Indian social investment firm that provides investment to corporations committed to the creation of social value. Launched and manages three funds: Bellwether Microfinance Fund (2005); India Financial Inclusion Fund (2008), and Caspian Impact Investments (CII) (2013). Focuses on assessing the social impact of investees and works closely with Investees on developing appropriate Social Performance Measurement and Reporting practices.
              • Intellecap (India) http://www.intellecap.com/ A forerunner in the provision of investment banking and consulting services to social entrepreneurs since 2002. Supports networking between social entrepreneurs and institutional investors through Sankalp Forum, Asia’s largest social enterprise forum,  and Intellecap Impact Investor Network (I3N), India’s first angel network of high net worth individuals and institutional investors seeking investments in early stage social enterprises.
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