ARUN Newsletter No.25 April 2013


ARUN Newsletter  No.25  April 2013 Issue



<1> Forward                               Satoko Kono, President

<2> Investment Now                                              Investment Team

<3> What is the bottleneck of the capitalism that began to embrace CSR?          S.O.

<4>    Upcoming Activities and Announcements

<5> Afterword


<1> Forward                       Satoko Kono, President


Thank you for your continual support for ARUN.


ARUN is a Limited Liability Company with 91 investors (private and incorporated).

We aim to support social enterprises in Cambodia through investments, while building a social investment platform originating in Japan.


In April, we welcomed a new Cambodian Office staff, Mr. Khim Sovanna. Mr. Sovanna is from Phnom Penh. He has worked for a France-affiliated microfinance organization for the past three years and has now joined ARUN. In his previous job, in addition to managing and operating a branch, he visited rural communities to teach how to save money as well as the importance of monetary planning. The reason for his participation in ARUN, he says enthusiastically, is to provide opportunities of employment and growth to more Cambodians through supporting Cambodian entrepreneurs. As it is true for many Cambodian youth, Mr. Sovanna is hungry for learning, and has received a Master’s degree from a university in Phnom Penh. His dreams for the future are; to obtain a Doctorate, to travel around Asian countries, to build a happy home, and to start a business. We hope for his continuous growth through working for ARUN.


Mr. Chansamrach, who has been essential for almost three years as a manager at the Cambodian Office since its opening in 2010, is going to retire in the end of March, and is going to work on creating an investment business association by the Cambodian entrepreneurs. We would like to thank him sincerely for his tireless effort in being on the front line of making bridges between Japan and Cambodia, entrepreneurs and investors, and wish him the best for his departure to his new enterprise.


April brought more happy news. The import of Cambodian wild honey from one of our investors, Sahakreas Cedac to Japan became reality! With the help from JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), Japanese honey specialists, manufacturers, and universities, the quality of the product has improved. It is expected to go on sale in mid-May. We will let you know more details on our homepage [] and Facebook page. []. Stay tuned!


In Japan, April is the beginning of a new business and school year, and so is in Cambodia; in Cambodia, April is the beginning of a New Year. We would like to engage in our activities with fresh minds and spread the effects of social investment in the Japanese society and other Asian countries.


Satoko Kono



<2> Investment Now                                         Investment Team


ARUN members meet almost every weekend to discuss current investees’ progress and prospective investees.


Starting this month, we will bring you the monthly current news summary from the investment team, calling it “Investment Now”. In this issue, we introduce two new prospective investments which we are currently investigating.


1) We are conducting a due diligence investigation on a company H, that sells health food products using moringa (a plant said to be high in nutrition value). This company’s main social value is to increase cash income for the farmers who cultivate and harvest moringa, and improvement of health of the Cambodians. The company, however, is in its start-up stage, and has no sales performance, therefore we need to scrutinize their business plan and evaluate the business feasibility.


2) We are also conducting a due diligence investigation on a company C, which operates an English school. The company was established by an entrepreneur from the poor rural village. Currently they have one school in Phnom Penh, and ARUN is considering financing for the establishment of the second school. Presently they focus on English language education for kindergarten and elementary school age children, but are hoping to expand to the rural areas in the future.



<3>Member’s  Essay            What is the bottleneck of the capitalism that began to embrace CSR?  S.O.


Watching the transactions between Cerberus and Seibu, many of you may remember the similar case between Steel and Sapporo. It is hard to say which side is right, but it seems that the opinions to support stockholders are fewer this time compared to the Steel era. We have experienced Lehman Shock and are feeling the social gap. It seems that more people are of the opinion that it is not necessary to protect returns to such a degree.


(Full article continues in the Website Blog in Japanese: )


<4>Upcoming Activities and Announcements


1. We are calling for managing members for General Incorporated Association ARUN LAB, ARUN’s sister organization. There is going to be an information session to familiarize you with the LAB’s activities.


This summer, from August 5th through 11th (plan), we are planning the 3rd Social Business Competition.

We encourage you to participate if you are interested in the social activities of businesses, want to have discussions with local college students, and want to connect with business persons who are involved in developing countries’ development.


Date:                April 25, 2013 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Location:         AGEMAKI        Sangenjyaya station South Exit A, walk 1 minute.

Maximum:       30 people

For:                  College students and graduate school students (People who have participated in ARUN/ARUN Lab events in the past and those who are new, both are welcome.)

Fee:                 3,000 yen (Including unlimited drink)


Details (in Japanese) : []

If you are interested, please register using the form in the link below.



If you cannot attend this event but would like to know more, please feel free to contact us through the following address so we can contact you.


Akiko Horiuchi, Public Relations:


2. ARUN was one of the finalists of Nikkei Social Initiative Prize, organized by Nikkei Shimbun. Thank you very much for your support.


Next month, on May 23, there is going to be the award ceremony and a symposium.

Please check the following special website link to the Nippon Keizai Shimbun.




<5> Afterword


We have reinstated the column, “Investment Now”, which we used to have in the earlier Newsletters.

This is a topic that many readers must be interested in, and we apologize for the delay in bringing it back. Listed Cambodian businesses are still few and it is hard to grasp their actual status, but we hope you can feel the pulse of such businesses.



ARUN Newsletter No.25 April 2013


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