ARUN Newsletter No. 23 February 2013


In our Newsletter, we explain ARUN’s activities and social investments.

Our readers’ interests vary: some are interested in social investment, while others

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February 2013 ARUN Newsletter

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<1> Forward Satoko Kono, President

<2> Announcement: ARUN Information Session on February 23rd

<3> Frontier of Social Business in India Part 2  Tomohiro Takano,

<4> Essay: Philippines, No.2, Encounter with C4E S.O.

<5> Afterward


<1> Forward by Satoko Kono, President


Thank you for your continual support for ARUN.


ARUN is a Limited Liability Company with 84 investors (private and incorporated).

We aim to support social enterprises in Cambodia through investments, while

building a social investment platform originating in Japan.


ARUN’s 3rd Year Anniversary Symposium was a big success with nearly 170 participants. Thank you very much to our guests, Dr. Yonekura, Mr. Iwase, and all the participants, contributors and those who sent us encouraging messages!


During the discussion session with our guest speakers, some admonishing words can be heard such as “dumping” and “usury”. It is true that our model is still under development and not perfect. Because of the small size of the overall operation, individual project’s success or failure seriously affects the whole. It is true that we need to effectively use the power of finance better.


On the other hand, it is also true that people in the development countries face bigger obstacles when they try to operate independent business while creating social value, compared to the standard businesses. What matters most is their effort to carry on their own businesses, instead of depending on the aid, despite typical handicaps of the developing countries such as a system of corruption and a lack of human resources.


We find value in supporting their efforts to solve their own countries’ poverty, and believe that the social investment is the way to do so. We are still in search of the methods to continue social investments. Through the introduction of equity investment and becoming involved in their management, we aim for increasing the values of the investees and building a model that can produce returns. At the same time, we want to improve the method of the evaluation of social returns and how to return them to the investors.


At ARUN, we hold an investment committee meeting every weekend to discuss investees’ businesses and prospective investees, and review prospective investment criteria. Some of the members who are also investors express the following: “One might say that the social investment takes the risk of the equity but expects the return of the debt financing, but actually, it redefines the meaning of the return itself”. “Participating in a new community called social investment counts as an investment return”. “I like the fact that what I am investing in is clear. It is important for me to feel that my money is used properly.” They find meaning in the building new business model.


In the future, we will be happy to have the participation of the professionals not only in finance, but also in the areas such as agriculture, environment, water resources, education, and medical, who can work with the invested businesses.


We are holding an information session this Saturday. We are looking forward to the participation of those of you who want to explore the new frontier called social investment, and take the challenge of being successful both socially and economically!


Satoko Kono


<2> ARUN Information Session


We are going to hold an information session on ARUN. In the session, we are going to discuss ARUN’s current investees and partner’s day-to-day activities, as well as the information on participation (how to register, procedure etc.) and prospective investees.


We will set aside ample time for answering questions from the participants and have a chance to talk with partners, and would like to answer any questions from those of you who are thinking of participating.


Celebrating our 3rd year, we welcome those of you who will support ARUN with us.


Date: Saturday, February 23, 2013 5:30 pm- 7:30 pm

Location: Chiyoda Platform Square 5th Floor, Meeting Room 503

Address: Kanda-nishikicho 3-21, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


● Greetings from the ARUN President and Directors

● Introduction to ARUN and Partner’s activities

● Information on how to participate (Procedures for investment, investees, etc.)

● Questions and Answers

Fee: Free

Registration: Please contact at


<3> Frontier of Social Business in India No. 2 by Tomohiro Takano, ARUN LAB


From ARUN’s New Year’s event in January, we present to you in three parts, a report from India by Tomohiro Takano of ARUN LAB. It is an exclusive frontier report on social business in India.


I am going to talk about the “Hybrid Model” structure at Drishtee. Drishtee consists of a for-profit business, Drishtee Development Communication Ltd. (DDCL) and a NGO, Drishtee Foundation. The micro-franchise of ICT kiosks and supply chain management is handled by DDCL. Drishtee Foundation handles community activities in the rural areas to build a foundation for businesses. What, then, are the community activities that become the foundation of businesses?


Continues in Japanese from the following link: []


<4> Essay Philippines No.2, Encounter with C4E by S.O.


The second installment of the report from his one-week stay in the Philippines last year is by S. O. from our publicity team.


The young man’s name was Takahama. After graduating from Rikkyo University and working for Rakuten as a system engineer, he established Class for Everyone (C4E), an NPO, in 2012.


Using the IT skills he learned in Rakuten, he flies back and forth between Japan and the Philippines where he experienced warm hospitality as a college student. He is only 27 years old.


Continues in Japanese from the following link: []


<5> Afterword


With the rising price of stocks, I realize the existence of a risk of not investing in stocks. What will be the risk of not investing in ARUN? We should be able to explain this risk better. The symposium was a good opportunity. Please join our activities.


Issued by: ARUN LLC.

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