How to Invest


The investors will participate in social investment through ARUN and will participate in the business of ARUN.

The investors will be responsible for various business tasks, and be a part of decision-making for budgeting,accounts setting and business planning.  




Investment Information Session

ARUN organizes investment information sessions periodically.

In order to gain a better understanding of the business, we ask those of you who would like to invest to attend one of these sessions.

Please use the contact form for the information on session dates and contents.


Please keep in mind the following when considering your investment.

  • Becoming an ARUN investor may require your current employer’s consent, as it means that you will join ARUN as a staff member.
  • The profit gained from ARUN’s activities will be distributed to the investors and re-invested for a new project, according to the rules of profit distribution provided separately.
  • The profit distribution depends on investment performance, and does not guarantee the return of the invested amount, or distribution of any fixed amount.
  • The profit distribution is implemented following the legal process of the profit distribution such as deliberation at the Staff Assembly. Please inquire about further details such as timing, amount and method.
  • All investors are limited in liability and are not obligated to any additional contribution, regardless of the investment results. 


Activities as an investor

As an investor, you are an ARUN partner, and can participate in the local business management and study tours.


Partners’ Meeting

Once a month, we hold a meeting to report the current status and notices. In addition to the general meeting, there are team meetings as well.


ARUN’s organizational Chart

Sample activities of our partners