Participating in ARUN’s activities


ARUN welcomes your participation.

There are many ways to participate in ARUN’s activities, such as participating in study groups and events, participating in the business of ARUN through becoming an investor or a volunteer, and becoming a supporter.


For detailed information on how to participate, please inquire from the contact form.  



Participate in Study Sessions and Events

We conduct study sessions, events, and study tours to promote social investment and ARUN’s activities.


To participate in the events, lease visit our Event Information page .



Participate as an investor

The investors invest in the social businesses in the developing countries through ARUN, and participate in ARUN’s business administration.

ARUN conducts investment information sessions periodically for people who would like to invest.

For the up coming information sessions, please inquire using the contact form


How to Invest  



Participate as a volunteer

Currently, ARUN is looking for volunteers who can work on the following tasks:


IT, Web Management

Individuals who can help with management of the internal system and web pages on the website.



Individuals who can translate various documents and website articles and posts.



Participate as a supporter

Making donations and by subscribing to our newsletter, you can participate in ARUN’s activities.



Donations will be used for ARUN’s activities.

Donors will receive discounts for participating in the study sessions, events and study tours.


Subscribing to the newsletter

ARUN publishes the monthly online newsletter to let you know of our activities.

If you wish to subscribe, please use the contact form  and send us an email with “Newsletter subscription request” as a subject.