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[New] Book Review: Social Investment Explained!


Hito o Ugokasu Aratana 3 Gensoku by Daniel Pink, Translated by Masanori Kanda

(To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel H. Pink, Published December 31, 2012)


Shunichi Kozasa, ARUN Partner


The original English title: “To Sell Is Human” is so much better than the Japanese title (「人を動かす、新たな3原則売らないセールスで、誰もが成功する!」New Rules of Three That Moves People: Everyone Can Be Successful With No-Sale Tactics). This is the latest translated work of Daniel H. Pink, who is said to have been predicting the future, published last summer.


I became a salesperson last February by choice, and often think that sales activity is the cumulative balance of all my previous experiences such as American football coaching, gathering eggs in Kibbutz, waiting tables in Paris, being an anchor and a reporter.


“This will be a good topic of conversation with this person.”

“For him, I will use that experience at that time.”

I have a bag of accumulated useful examples over the years from which I can pull out according to the situations. I do not feel that I am disadvantaged because I started in the sales profession at the age of 45, and I owe the confidence to this book.


Pink broadened the definition of sales from simply the selling and buying of goods and services to a much broader concept of “moving the others with communication,” and explains that as a result, not only has the number of individuals who work in sales increased, but also everyone is taking part in sales during a portion of his/her day. According to him, asking to attend ARUN’s monthly meeting is also considered as sales.


Pink explains that one of the reasons for this phenomena is, in the past, a salesperson had the power of information, but in current internet society,  the information gap is disappearing and it is becoming hard to hide something. He says that the situation is advancing, and now, it is possible that buyers have more advantage in obtaining information and the seller must be aware.


Suppose the world is changing as such, Pink introduces many examples such as “touching the other person’s body increases the success,” and “a pitch determines sales result.” The translator, Masanori Kanda calls it emotional marketing, and it can be used as a technique, but if it is used only as a technique, it is disastrous when the disguise is revealed.


Many industries crossover, and listed businesses are not simply aiming to maximize their stock prices in the world after the Lehman scandal. Reading this book, I recognize the importance of improving myself, and understand that sales is a human activity and the ultimate profession that will not disappear even with more advancement of IT and flattening (of the world).


Similar ideas are talked about recently, and there is another book published last year titled : The Art of the Sale: Learning From the Masters About the Business of Life by Philip Delves Broughton (March 26, 2013). ARUN Partner, Mr. Iwase (friend of the author, Mr. Broughton) writes in the afterword, and it will be a good companion reading.


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