ARUN - Social Investment Platform | Investment Now – Starting Due Diligence of Companies in India 

Investment Now – Starting Due Diligence of Companies in India

ARUN aims to expand a variety of investees, carrying out due diligence not only of companies in Cambodia but also of companies in India.


One of them, Company I, provides a high quality and efficient public health and medical service with affordable fees to fill the gap of those services between city center and rural areas.  In the future, they aim for India to become a hub of public health and medical treatment by constructing and organizing an original platform between medical practitioners and patients.  Three ex-employees of global IT farms started up company I, and their IT system connects city doctors with patients in rural areas.  Currently they organize 21 medical centers in the rural areas of West Bengal and Orissa where have no hospitals.  In those medical centers, there are no doctors stationed, but centers always connect to doctors in towns seven days a week by original ICT platform and they can receive medical examinations and medicine is prescribed.   At the same time, it enables them to practice long-term and efficient treatment as data of medical check-ups is accumulated and maintained.  Here, social impact is being created as well as the employment, and patients have access to medical services.


June 2022
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