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Investments Now – Investment Candidate, Company N


Once a month, through blogs and newsletters we convey information regarding the status of ARUN’s new investee candidates as well as our correspondence with the investees. We named this column ‘Our Investees Now.’ We hope you will enjoy reading it.


N Company, in which ARUN presently has been implementing due diligence, is an enterprise producing and selling organic food. It runs three shops in Phnom Penh, employing 22 persons and supplies organic food to hotels and restraints. Their organic food products are purchased food products from farmers as well as harvested organic food from their own farms. Their farm lies in the middle of Phnom Penh and Shem Reap and its location is of good advantage with a river running nearby and 12 hectare in size. This land was purchased in 2012 and used as own farm. The farm employs 15 local poor farmers providing meals and technical education.


The entrepreneur launched the enterprise because of the awareness about contaminated agricultural products containing pesticides being imported from Thailand and Vietnam and growing interest in organic food materials in Cambodia. Social contribution is his major concern. In the future he hopes that he will make his land the sightseeing-spot that attracts people and money from the outside to the local society.


The sales have increased annually since 2010 and N Company requires funds to enhance shops. ARUN is now exploring the best way to cooperate with them.

June 2022
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