Message from the President


Satoko Kono ARUN LLC President

Non Profit Organization ARUN Seed


After graduating from The International Christian University (ICU), Ms. Kono worked for a private corporation and Asian Institute. Since 1995, she has been involved in the restoration of and development aid for Cambodia, through NGO (Share = International cooperation through health promotion), JICA, and World Bank. Meeting with a Cambodian social entrepreneur opened her eyes to the social finance. Ms. Kono was convinced its necessity and potential, she established ARUN in 2009.


ARUN started with sharing willingness and aspirations among the experts in international development, finance and business to support the business efforts of Cambodian social entrepreneurs.


The wars and conflict over 20 years devastated Cambodia. Cambodia faced enormous loss of human and natural resources and became one of the poorest countries in the world. 35% of Cambodian people live with less than one US dollar a day. Due to mass killing of intelligent people under Pol Pot regime, adult literacy rate still remains at 74%. The country had to restart and reconstruct basic physical and social infrastructure, such as the public administration system and trust among people, all of which were ruined.


After 1990s, international aid and support rushed into Cambodia to rehabilitate and develop the country. Then international aid continuously increased and it seemed to be the only thing the country could depend upon.  However, what people really need for living their lives with confidence is not the charity but the opportunity. When the potentials and possibilities are tapped through the opportunity, confidence is regained.


Hope of Cambodia is the existence of social entrepreneur who lead and create sustainability of societal development that may not be done by individuals. Social entrepreneurs are full of business spirits and can make the country more independent of international aid and more self-reliant.


It is true that ‘investment’ and ‘fund’ are often associated with money-making games. ARUN believes that they are simply the boxes to put money in and the tools for promoting and supporting the entrepreneurs’ business. Social investment is an innovative way of participating in the future that we hope for, believe in envisage.


Let us have our money with social will work for creating peace, delivering our heart and making the society which brightens up the value in every single person.


Our Vision

ARUN aims at creating the society which can bring every person’s ability into full play regardless where s/he is born.


Our Mission

To empower people in the developing countries and creating opportunities for them, we;

  • Explore and discover promising-social entrepreneurs in developing countries.
  • Provide capital, knowledge, technology and network.

To build a platform for participatory social investment, we;

  • Offer opportunities for mutual understanding between the investors and the investee enterprises.
  • Feedback the information on investment for building mutual trust.