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Recent Activities

June 2014 Microfinance: Opportunities for Borrowers and Investors“, at Harvard Club of Japan.
  ”Emerging Social Enterprises in Cambodia from the Multiple Perspectives and their Empowerment Impacts on the Poor”, at Ritsumeikan Center for Asia Pacific Studies.
  Daily Newspaper “Fuji Sankei Business i” published a pooled story. (Web version in Japanese)
  Ms. Kono, president of ARUN joined the BOP Salon of JICA Chubu International.
May 2014 Both Ms. Kono, president and Ms. Itabashi, on behalf of Tokyo office joined the Woman EXPO Tokyo 2014.
April 2014 ARUN was selected as the finalists for Nikkei Social Initiative Awards, International category. 
  Ms. Kono, president of ARUN joined Sankalp Forum 2014 as the only Japanese speaker. At he same time, ARUN’s investee, iKure Techsoft has won the Healthcare, Water & Sanitation prize.
March 2014 Ms. Kono, president of ARUN, joined a social business conference at Royal University of Phnom Penh with Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof. Muhammad Yunus.

Press Release

March 2014 Japanese impact investor ARUN leads seed round in iKure
December 2013 Off-the-grid energy solutions in Cambodia promoting environmental sustainability and self reliance  — ARUN Invests in the Socially Responsible Company “Lighting Engineering & Solutions” in Cambodia
September 2013 “Janice Wilson, a successful Woman Entrepreneur, to deliver the Keynote Speech at the ARUN’s 2nd International Symposium on Social Investment”

Interviews and Articles

October 2013 The Huffington Post, “Janice Wilson, an American Social Entrepreneur: Making Difference by Manufacturing Hair in Cambodia”, October 30, 2013 (Huff Post World)
August 2013 BBC News Business “Cambodian Hair Extension Firm Helps Workers”, August 16, 2013
June 2013 The Japan Journal 「Weaving Wonders at the “Base of the Pyramid”」(Julu 2013, vol.10, No.4)
April 2013

NUS/Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy? 「Innovation in Asian Philanthropy」(Working Paper No.2/April 2013 p70-71)

March 2013

The Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation Magazine “Synergy” (“ARUN Changes the World Through ‘Social Investment’. Voices from the field: How Do the Business Scheme Participants Evaluate It?”)

(Vol. 157 2013, April. p. 10-11, p.15)

February 2013 Asahi Shimbun Newspaper February 15Japanese active in social businesses to help the poor

Nikkei Biz Academy 「カンボジアの社会的企業に事業資金を届ける~全ての人が「天分」を生かせる社会を作りたい!~」
(Delivering Business Funds to Cambodia’s Social Businesses: Aiming for a Society Where Every Person’s Ability Comes Into Full Play!)


ARUN was introduced in “Social Enterprise Insights”  in Taiwan (in Chinese).

January 2013 Asahi Shimbun January 11, 2013 Morning Edition 「(世界発2013)ビジネス通じ脱貧困 日本発、出資募りアジアで起業支援」( “From The World 2013; Escaping Poverty through Business: Investments from Japan Support Entrepreneures in Asia”)
  Ms. Kono, President of ARUN, appeared on the Radio J-Wave 81.3 FM JAM THE WORLD (January 18, 2013).
August 2012 カンボジアの社会問題を解決 3カ国の学生参加 ビジネスコンペ」(SankeiBiz    “Solutions to Cambodian Social Problems: Business Competition with Students from Three Countries” August 2012)
  The Phnom Penh Post 「Local students win business concept competition(August 2012)
July 2012 Nikkei Veritas  July 22  p.56 Hito Cross Road (July 2012) 
  Asahi Shimbun Newspaper July 14  “How to Look at Money: ‘I Want to Contribute to the Society. Make It Happen by the Way You Spend.By Daisuke Iwase
April 2012  田原総一朗の政財界「ここだけの話」 (2012年4月4日) 「貧しい国相手のBOPビジネスは「恥」か?」 (Nikkei BP Net “Soichi Tawara’s Financial World ‘Inside Story’ April 4, 2012 ‘Is It A Shame to Conduct BOP Business with Poor Countries?’ p.p. 5-6) 
March 2012 12/2/23 途上国の社会起業家への投資を通じた持続可能な社会の形成」(Eco Japan Cup February 23, 2012 “Creating a Sustainable Society Through Investments in the Social Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries”)  
November 2011 「Players 国際協力の担い手たち ‐ ARUN合同会社:社会的投資で途上国のビジネスを支援」 (November 2011 p18-19)(JICA’s World “Players of International Cooperation – ARUN LLC.: Aiding Businesses in Developing Countries through Social Investment” p.p. 18-19 November 2011 )
September 2011 「善意のお金がカンボジアを変える―社会的投資・ARUN」(alterna: Business Magazine for Environment, CSR and Ambition, News: “Money with Goodwill Change Cambodia – ARUN’s Social Investment” September 2011)
  『海の向こうでお金が活きる~社会的投資は途上国を変えるか?』(Ustream Program, “Future” No.3 “Money Becomes Alive – Can Social Investments Change Developing Countries?” Produced by CVP, Creators for Vulnerable People. September 2011)
August 2011 『第1回協働ワークショップ』(Chubu Keizai Shimbun Editorial. “The First Working-Together Workshop” August 9, 2011)
March 2011 『連載 世界を変える「BOPビジネス」の新潮流③ アフリカとカンボジアでビジネスを創る』(Ushio. “Series Changing the World, the New Current in the BOP Business. 1. Creating Businesses in Africa and Cambodia. Issue 625. March 2011)
January 2011 Nikkei Veritas No.149 “Focus: Socially Contributing Business is Taking Off – Contributing to the Society through Financial Products. January 16th Issue. January 2011
  Sankei Biz. “ARUN, Building Self-Sustainable Economy Through Social Investment and Supporting Cambodian Small-to-Medium Enterprises. January 4, 2011
  Syukan Kinyoubi. International News “Pursuing Profit and Social Contribution; Japanese ‘Social Investment Company’ Has Started. No. 829. December 24 and January 7 Issue
December 2010 トヨタ財団広報誌『JOINT』(Toyota Foundation Magazine, JOINT No.5. “Discussion; ‘Aiming for Community Development Based on Trust and Cooperation, Status of Asia Now and in Future’ with Satoko Kono. December 2010)
November 2010

「Social Businessにおけるキャリアパス “ソーシャル・キャリア”は、どうつくる(International Cooperation Career Information Site PARTNER Interview article: “Career Path in Social Business; How to Go About Having A ‘Social Career’. November 2010)


第5回 現地の人々との「共生」にこだわったからこそ実現できた、投資する側・される側が共に育つ社会的投資事業」(No.5 “Social Investment Enterprises became reality because it focused on the growth of both sides of the investment; investors and local investees.”)

October 2010 世界が模索する「新しい資本主義」のあり方とは?「金融」で「社会問題」を解決する新たな動き(Diamond Online Column “Buyers of Social Contribution No.29: What is the New Global Trend, ‘New Capitalism’? ‘Finance solves ‘Social Problems’. October 2010”
December 2009 「CSRとマイクロファイナンスその2」(Daiwa Securities CSR Office, CSR Dialogue No.21 “CSR and Microfinance, Part 2”. December 2009)  
2009 「貧困のない社会を実現するために社会的投資を広めたい」(Mammo TV Interview #269 “We want you to know about Social Investment so we can realize the society without Poverty”. 2009)   

Published Articles

2012 From Now(フロムナウ)連載「私がみつけたライフワーク(3)」(From Now “A Lifework that I Found (3)” by Satoko Kono. 2012) 
  『卒業生は今』(International Christian University Newsletter The ICU No.29 p.24 “Our Graduates” featuring Satoko Kono. 2012) 
  「”スーパーマン”にはなれないけど、まずは社会的投資ファンドで半年インターン」(An Essay by ARUN Intern, Taro Hamada for Japan Gap Year Organization, Frontier Forum “I cannot be a Superman, but start with a half-year internship at a social investment fund”. No.43 2.19.2012) 
2010 Alterna PDF Newsletter Alterna Premium No.12, Social Finance Changes the World #3: “Empowering Developing Countries by Investments, not by Aids. by Kazuyuki Tsuchiya 2010 
  「社会的投資プラットフォームの設立を目指してーARUNの挑戦ー」(Mitsubishi Research Institute Community Channel 2010 No.116. Article “Aiming Social Investment Platform Construction: ARUN’s Challenge. by Satoko Kono) 
  日本SRI年報2009(NPO Social Investment Forum Japan. Japan SRI Annual Report 2009. 2010)
2009 特集:BOPビジネスの可能性「BOPと社会的投資の可能性」(JETRO Asian Study World Trend December 2009 Issue (No. 171) “Special Report: Possibilities of BOP Business; ‘Possibilities of BOP and Social Investments’ by Satoko Kono. 2009)
2005 「カンボジアの農民が動き出した-農村開発プロジェクトをとおした農民のエンパワーメントの事例から」(JETRO Asian Study World Trend September 2005 (No.120) “Cambodian Farmers’ New Movements: Empowerment of the Farmers” by Satoko Kono

Lectures and Awards

2012 「ワークライフバランス社会の実現に向けて~誰もが仕事でも家庭でも地域でも活躍するために~(Gender Equality Bureau “Gender Equality for Men Symposium in Yokohama” Part 2 Panel Discussion “Society with Life-Work Balance; Work, Family and Community” by Kazuyuki Tshuchiya. April 2012)    
November 2011 「激動する世界経済~今こそ求められる地球規模での社会貢献とは」日「社会的投資による開発援助を考える -個人向け「JICA債」発行を機に、地球規模での社会貢献を訴え-(JICA, Daiwa Security Group, Nikkei Cross-Media Office Seminar : “World Economy in Turmoil; Urgent Needs for Global Social Contribution” by Satoko Kono. November 30, 2011. JICA Topic: News “Social Investment and Development Aid, JICA Bond Insurance and Social Contribution”. November 2011) 
August2011 「みんなで行こうよ、カンボジア。企業やNGOの枠を超えて…」当日講演の概要(JICA Workshop “Let’s Go to Cambodia, Beyond the Boundary of  Businesses and NGOs” by Satoko Kono. Overview of the lecture. August 2011)
June 2011 ニコニコ動画:前半・後半スカパー!262ch シアター・テレビジョン(Copernicus Forum Vol.1 “International Development and Innovation in Developing Countries. Aids after the East Japan Earthquake.” by Satoko Kono Niconico Video. June 2011)
January 2011 「新しい国際協力のスキームに向けて:社会的投資を通してのエンパワーメントと持続的発展」(Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Social Outreach Seminar “Towards a New International Cooperation Scheme: Empowerment through Social Investments and Sustainable Development. By Satoko Kono January 2011)
January 2011 『途上国の社会起業家への投資を通じた持続可能な社会の形成 』(Eco Japan Cup 2010 Environmental Business Venture Open, Environmental Business Women Award: “Creating a Society Through Investments to the Social Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries” January, 2010) 
  Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center, TOKYO Enterprise Seminar “Social Enterprise Course” Lecturer. January 2010
2010 Asia Innovation Forum –Sponsored by Quantum Leap Co., Nihon Keizai Shinbun, Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Satellite program “’Enterprises x International Cooperation’; Japanese BOP Business Under Scrutiny ” Participated as a panelist. September 2010 
July 2010 Japan Management Association. BOP Business Symposium Report “Enterprise Support through Social Finance: Beyond Microfinance” July 2010 
  Guest speaker appearance at Change-maker Development Meeting, Sponsored by NPO ETIC Social Venture Center. July 2010 
March 2010 「私の提言」イノベーティブな開発支援(BOPビジネス)シリーズ執筆者パネルディスカッション(UN Forum “My Proposal” Innovative Development Support (BOP Business) Series Writers Panel Discussion. March 2010) 
  「持続的なビジネスの発展と社会的投資の役割」(Kyoto University South East Asia Study Center “Area Studies of the Next Generation” Heisei 21, 2nd Study Meeting presentation: “Sustainable Business Development and the Role of Social Investment” by Satoko Kono 
November 2009 SBIビジネスプランコンテスト(SBI Graduate School/SBI Investment Co. SBI Business Plan Contest Award of Excellence. November 2009) 
  アジア連帯経済フォーラム2009(Asian Forum for Solidarity Economy 2009 “Group Discussion A: Possibilities of Social Finance” November 2009)



May 2012 国際交流事業 2012年度一般公募助成(Mitsubishi UFJ Foundation International Exchange Project 2012  General Public Grant recipient as General Incorporated Association ARUN LAB, May 2012) 
April 2012 平成24(2012)年度 知的交流会議助成プログラム助成(Japan Foundation Intellectual Exchange Conferences Grant Recipient as ARUN LAB. April 2012)
July 2012 国際交流事業 2011年度一般公募助成(Mitsubishi UFJ Foundation International Exchange Project 2011 General Public Grant recipient, as ARUN LAB, July 2011) 
September 2010 National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization Heisei 22 “Green Donation Public Application Project” Selected as SIFC, July 2010
April 2010 KDDI財団「社会的・文化的諸活動助成」(KDDI Foundation “Social and Cultural Activities Grant” recipient as SIFC, April 2010)
  トヨタ財団「2009年度アジア隣人助成プログラム(Toyota Foundation “Asian Neighbor Assistance Program” recipient, October 2009)

Selected Project

October 2013 JICA project: “Study on Assessment of Development  Effectiveness and Financing Method for BOP Business” (PDF)
December 2010 (独)国際協力機構(JICA) BOPビジネス連携促進調査事業採択(JICA BOP Business Cooperation Promotion Research Project, selected for “Research on the Possibilities of Promoting BOP Business Growth by Social Investment” December 2010)