Q. How can I learn more about ARUN’s activities?


A. ARUN regularly holds study sessions and seminars. Please check our homepage for the notices. We will be happy to email you the details of the events. Please subscribe to our email list from HERE.


About the Investees


Q. Does ARUN have some criteria for selecting the investees?


A.  There is no single criteria for selection. ARUN uses various criteria to select the investees in a comprehensive manner. We select the candidate investees by the business scale, growth estimation, contribution to the economy, contribution to the society and the management capacity of the entrepreneurs themselves (owners of the investees).



Q. Can I select the investee?


A. Currently, the directors and the investment committee are mainly responsible for the selection. Investors receive timely updates on the investee candidates. If you are interested in a particular candidate, we encourage you to play an active role in the selection process, such as performance analysis and information gathering.



Q. Does ARUN invest only in Cambodia?


A. Currently we invest only in Cambodia, but we are planning to expand to other countries in the future.



Q. How Would I know the progress of the Investees’ projects?


A. We receive a quarterly report of the project progress and financial status of the investees, and facilitate online communications between the investors and the investees as well. ARUN also organizes study tours to visit investees to enhance the communication between the investors and the local investees.



About the Investment


Q. Now can I make an investment with ARUN?


A. ARUN organizes study group sessions and seminars. Prior to starting the investment, we recommend you attend these events for deepening your understanding of ARUN’s activities. When the invitation for the investment is called, you will go through the designated process of screening, fill out the application form and transfer the fund. Becoming an ARUN investor might require an employer’s consent as it means that you will join ARUN as a staff member.


How to join 



Q. Is there full warranty of the capital?


A. The rules of profit distribution provided by ARUN are applied when the profit generated by ARUN’s investment is handled under the required process, which is set by ARUN. It does not guarantee the full return of the capital. It could fall below par value depending on the investment results.



Q. What is the investment period? Is it possible to cancel the investment before the duration ends?


A. ARUN’s investment cycle assumes five years. Investment with ARUN is to obtain a share of ARUN, LLC. The share is not a security that the investor can trade in the market and it has restrictions on exercising investor’s rights and disposal. For details, please ask ARUN Directors.



Q. How is the dividend going to be taxed?


A. Generally speaking, in Japan 20% of tax is deducted from the dividend profit at source. ARUN withholds the tax from the profit in the cash distribution. The deducted amount will be part of the tax exemption at the annual income tax return.  However, some cases may not be applicable as such. Individual tax handling should be done and understood by the investor him/herself.



Q. What are the merits to be an ARUN investor?


A. Becoming an ARUN investor allows you not only to provide the opportunity for financial investment but also to extend managerial and technical support to the investees through ARUN. Meeting the social entrepreneurs in developing countries and supporting them will lead the investor to be part of the innovative system of the Social Investment, which gives a real impact to the society.