Non Profit Organization, ARUN Seed Overview


ARUN Seed is a general incorporated association established in order to promote, develop and study social investment.


Together with ARUN LLC, which performs investments in the developing countries, ARUN Seed conducts, researches and disseminates information on social investment. Through the networking with other organizations that promote impact investments and social businesses, it disseminates information from Japan to the world.



  1. Social investment research, information dissemination, publication.

  2. Planning and conducting meetings, lectures, study tours on social investment.

  3. Networking with social investment organizations and related organizations.

  4. Supporting ARUN’s social investment projects.

  5. Other activities that are approved by ARUN Seed.


Our Activities in Photos

・The Business Competition in Cambodia 2012 photos here!

・The Business Competition in Cambodia 2011 photos here!


Organizational Information


Non Profit Organiation ARUN Seed


March 10, 2014


c/o social hive HONGO

Sansyo Bldg Hongo 4F, 

3-40-10 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033 Japan 


Satoko Kono


Conducts researches and studies that are related to developing countries, social businesses and social investment

Increase public awareness on developing countries, social businesses and social investment. 




April 2010

Contribution to the international understanding and financial cooperation with developing countries through promotion of social investment as a goal, Incorporated Association SIFC was established.  

February 2011 Changed organization’s name to ARUN LAB.
April 2010 Started as General Incorporated Association ARUN LAB