A New Form of Investment, Money with a Purpose


ARUN’s Social Investment


ARUN’s social investment is a way to contribute to create “the society which can bring every person’s ability into full play regardless where s/he is born,” as stated in ARUN’s mission.


In the countries and areas where people suffer socially and economically, they have few choices for living. Even in such adverse circumstances, ARUN has met many individuals who invent their own choices, challenge themselves, provide themselves with opportunities, and try to reach their potential. We have learned that actions of such people can open others to the possibilities to persevere and have the confidence to live their own lives.


ARUN recognizes that the “social enterprises” play significant roles in the creation of the society “in which each individual can reach their potential”, because such leaders as described above organize their actions and in order to continue those activities, earn income and reinvest the profits.


ARUN’s social investment is unique in the following aspects: 1) It invests in the enterprises that conduct business aiming to solve the country’s poverty and the problems that stem from poverty; 2) It evaluates not only the economical activities of the enterprises, but also the social impacts among the stakeholders. Furthermore, 3) it aims to build a social platform where Japanese investors and investees in the developing countries can foster mutual understanding and share ideas.

Role of Social Investment

This type of social investment has gotten a lot of attention in the media recently. It is recognized as a new method for eliminating a global economical gap. In reality, however, many social enterprises in the developing countries struggle to operate due to the limited options for their businesses such as lack of human resources and a lack of opportunities for technical improvements. In other words, we cannot say that the risk for the social investment is low.


ARUN believes that in order for investors and invested enterprises to walk together as equal partners for building a more idealistic society; we have to be patient and ready to share the risks. Building social investments that can solve social problems and produce economic profit will still require a lot of time and energy. Supporting their process is the important role that ARUN’s social investment plays.


Social investment may require more commitment from the investors than the common investments would. Even so, it is not a charity, nor a short-term pursuit of profit, but it is a way to use your money and your own knowledge and skills to solve social problems that you care about. This is social investment.